Feb 192014

I’ve been wanting to make a custom of a character I made up ages ago that was intended to be a KiSS doll. I don’t really make those anymore and she never got finished, so she never really existed. Her name is Unicorn Princess and she’s meant to be sort of a celebration/parody of She-Ra, Jem, and all the other lady heroes from my childhood. Since I’ve gotten into customizing dolls, I’ve been wanting to make her happen and this is the first step. While I do collect Ever After High dolls, I’m not in love with their head sculpt, so I ordered a Kurhn doll on eBay (this one, to be exact) so that I could put her head on an EAH Apple White body which was a perfect match. I’m pretty pleased with the results! I’ll need to reroot her with a different color hair, of course, and I may or may not repaint her face, but I need a lot of practice at that first. Either way, I love my new doll. She looks so wispy and delicate.