Apr 252014

I post on this forum called Monster High Arena and they had this photo competition called Arena’s Next Top Monster, patterned after America’s Next Top Model. I’d never really taken more than the basic family snapshots before, but a friend of mine talked me into joining with her. That’s what I’ve been doing all these weeks rather than updating my site. I’ve just been focusing on taking pictures instead of making stuff. And it was all anonymous, so that’s why I couldn’t post the pictures before now. I dropped out this week because I haven’t been having fun competing, but I still like taking the photos so I’ll just post them in the play along thread, separate from the competition. Anyway, here are my photos!

ANTM Challenge 1 - Getting to Know You ANTM Challenge 2 - A Fond Farewell

ANTM Challenge 3 - Diamonds are a Ghoul's Best Friend ANTM Challenge 4 - Paper and Plastic ANTM Challenge 5 - Nothing on but the Radio