Feb 192014

I’ve been wanting to make a custom of a character I made up ages ago that was intended to be a KiSS doll. I don’t really make those anymore and she never got finished, so she never really existed. Her name is Unicorn Princess and she’s meant to be sort of a celebration/parody of She-Ra, Jem, and all the other lady heroes from my childhood. Since I’ve gotten into customizing dolls, I’ve been wanting to make her happen and this is the first step. While I do collect Ever After High dolls, I’m not in love with their head sculpt, so I ordered a Kurhn doll on eBay (this one, to be exact) so that I could put her head on an EAH Apple White body which was a perfect match. I’m pretty pleased with the results! I’ll need to reroot her with a different color hair, of course, and I may or may not repaint her face, but I need a lot of practice at that first. Either way, I love my new doll. She looks so wispy and delicate.


Feb 032014

I guess starting my site over really killed any drive I had to keep it updated, but if I don’t use it, it’s a waste of money. So I am going to start using it again (I hope). I haven’t been sewing a lot lately because a lot of things have happened, but I’ve taken up a new hobby. I’ve started dabbling in doll customizing, specifically Monster High and Ever After High. I haven’t done much so there isn’t much to show yet, but I’ll start taking progress shots. I’m also going to try to just post whatever, even if I think no one cares. Because let’s be honest, no one read this site before it was dormant for years. There’s no one left to impress! I’ll just be over here, doing my thing and talking to myself.